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#8 My Crazy Photo Adventures with Dan Bailey

This time we interview photography’s quintessential renaissance man, Dan Bailey. Not only is Dan a talented photographer, capable of shooting glorious landscapes, epic action photos, and beautiful portraits, but he is also a musician, a biker, a climber, a tremendous author and blogger, and, to top it all off, an airplane pilot. If he wasn’t making money on photography he’d be an international man of mystery... or James Bond. Most importantly he is a wonderful and thoughtful person who is happy to share his photography tips, his ideas on how to get the most from your camera, and his thoughts on life, the universe and everything. And being the author of the definitive guide to Fuji X-series camera’s, he talks about that as well. Join us as we try (and fail) to keep him and Ian focussed on photography rather than digressing into some obscure talk on their other passion: music, synthesizers, and sound engineering. 

Check it out. 

#7 My Crazy Visual Poetry with Olaf Sztaba

This week we interview the Philosopher King of Fuji Street Photography, Olaf Sztaba. If you read FujiLove, or ImageBreak, or the magazine he created "Medium Format", then you know Olaf. His blog is full of well-thought out ideas of what makes better photography. And his photos are stunning works of modern art. They are true visual poetry, concise, to the point and full of beautiful use of light, shadow, lines, color and shape. In this episode we learn how a brush with death thrust Olaf into his particular brand of  thoughtful photography. Have a listen!

#6 My Crazy Street Life with Valerie Jardin

In which we interview Valerie Jardin and talk about street photography, life, and why her gear of choice is the Fujifilm X100F, a small, fixed lens camera that she says is a professional powerhouse: spoiler, it helps her simplify and focus on what is important, seeing what is around her. Check it out, Valerie imparts many a life (and photography) lesson.

#5 My Crazy Macro tips with Chris Ruijter

In which we interview our good friend Chris Ruijter who takes some of the most amazing photos of insects, mushrooms, flowers, frog eggs... basically anything small. He tells us about his set-up, how we stalks and tames dragonflies, his use of light, and how to see the small things in life. But most of all he talks about his struggles falling in and out of love of photography and how he has come back from a bit of a social-media-induced funk. Get your fresh "out-of-the-oven" photo inspiration here.

#4 My Crazy People/Portrait shots with Damien Lovegrove

In which we talk to legendary Fuji X photographer Damien Lovegrove about his long career ranging from working as a cameraman at the BBC to writing one of the most loved books on wedding photography. Damien shares some of his tips for photographing people, weddings, crowds, what have you. Spoiler alert: it isn't about the gear, it is all about connecting emotionally with your subject and helping people have laugh fun. Guess people like us -- with the emotional connection capabilities of a brick wall-- are out of luck! ;-)

#3 My Crazy Landscape tips with Robert Clark

While Robert Clark has some great thoughts on how to set up your Fuji camera, he is also a working landscape photographer who has been at his craft since the days of medium format film cameras. We ask him a bit about what he's learned as he's moved to medium format digital and what tips he might be able to impart on likes of us recovering gear heads.

#2 My Crazy Fuji X Settings

In which we interview Robert Clark ( who wrote a classic blog on Fuji camera settings. on how to set up our Fuji cameras. We learn all kinds of tips and tricks and even discover how to use the mythical, the magical, the powerful settings like back-button focus and "T-mode". These pro-tips might change your photography forever -- it did ours! For Robert's blog on settings go here: 

#1 My Crazy Intro

Our First episode in which we introduce ourselves and wax lyrical (or maybe just blab endlessly) about what we are trying to do here. In brief: We are recovering gear-heads who love Fuji cameras, macro photography, and vintage lenses, not necessarily in that order. We are in London, Atlanta, and San Francisco. This is how we self-medicate.

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